National Applesauce Cake Day

Wow, two days in a row with “out of season” food days (well, for me anyway). Today has been named National Applesauce Cake Day. Which brings back memories of my mom’s applesauce cake, traditionally made at during the Christmas holidays and given out as presents (if we didn’t manage to eat them all ourselves).

For those of you not familiar with the cake, it’s a pretty dense cake. I liken it to fruitcake as it usually contains raisins and nuts. My mom’s recipe calls for heating the applesauce and adding the baking soda to it which was always my favorite part because it would foam up (think about adding baking soda to vinegar). In perusing a couple of “modern day” recipes, the step of heating the applesauce seems to be absent. Boy, they sure like to cut out the fun of cooking, don’t they?

I haven’t made this cake for a while, mostly because my girls were never very fond of it (not big raisins fans). I think if I make it this holiday season, I’ll get a spritzer bottle and spritz the finished warm cake with a little Calvados and see what that does for the cake. Either that, or make a glaze with some good apple cider and glaze the top of the cake. Then sit back and enjoy it with some homemade eggnog.


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