Lovin’ Mango Season!

Mangoes have been plentiful at the grocery store lately and I have done my best to deplete them of their supply! They are such a lovely fruit and lend themselves to any number of recipes – salsas, desserts, and the Mango Lassi which found its roots in Indian and Pakistan, but fortunately for the rest of us, has gained worldwide popularity.

I had my first Mango Lassi while dining with a friend at an Indian restaurant. She ordered one so I thought “What the heck” and got one too. I don’t even remember what the food was, I was so in love with my drink. It was positively divine!

So, now with mangoes in season, have tinkered with making my own and feel pretty good about my concoction. I have a blender (leftover from my frozen daiquiri days) that’s been kinda lonesome on the shelf. I took that baby down from its perch, cleaned it up a bit, and it’s been put into high gear, blending up my drinks.

For each one, I put in a couple of tablespoons of water, just to get things going. I do add a little sugar to it too. I didn’t at first but I think that Indian restaurants probably use canned mango for their mango lassis and I’ll bet they are packed in a sugar syrup. Hence, the sugar.

Typically, the mango lassi is made with buttermilk or yogurt. I tried going with buttermilk and it was okay. But then I came up with the brilliant idea of using Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt. Oh, man! That was it!

To make my version of the mango lassi, use one mango. I cut each side of the fibrous pit and then cut the fruit from each piece and plop that into the blender. Then, I cut away the skin from the rest of the mango and carefully cut any fruit (without getting the fibrous pit) into the blender. Now comes the “squishy” part. I take the pit and with my hand pretty much down in the blender (your blender is unplugged, right?) I squeeze the pit (it’s slippery) and extract any juice that I can into the blender.

I add a couple of heaping tablespoons of the Chobani Vanilla yogurt and about a cup of ice. Fire up the blender and let her rip. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy!!


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