Outta the Kitchen

This is the fabric I’ll use for the guest room curtains

Tomorrow’s project will find me out of the kitchen and in the sewing room. While we wait (not so patiently) for the house project to begin, we are renting a small house. I’ve already made curtains for some of the rooms (like our bedroom!), but the guest room windows have been unadorned up to this point.

A friend is coming for a visit (the same friend who introduced me to mango lassies), so I thought I’d better whip up some curtains for the two windows before her visit. I went to the fabric store and found some fabric that I think will work. My original plan was to make long curtains that would go from top to bottom of the two windows. I bought all the fabric left on the bolt, and it’s just shy of what I need to do that. So, Plan B is that I will make cafe curtains from the fabric. I’ve got some lace that I’ll add to the bottom of the top tier of the curtains, so I think they’ll be cute enough for company!

Am looking forward to her visit. She moved to Tennessee just before we moved here. We’re both fond of Indian and Ethiopian food, so when she comes to town, I plan to take her to Richmond, VA to the Nile Restaurant for an Ethiopian lunch. My birthday treat in April was dinner there and it was really good! I love the injera bread and sopping up all the yummy goodness with it. I always go for the veggies – my favorites are the collard greens and split peas! I love what the spices do for them.


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