Bear Protection Needed

Yikes! Bears! Yep, I knew they were here in Central Virginia. And, yes, I knew that I was going to have to put up guards against them for the honeybee hives. We’ve made plans for keeping the trash in the garage. So, all bases covered, right? Nope… the compost bin!

I’ll be baking up a storm, using eggs and plan to compost the egg shells in a compost bin. I’ll be adding leftover vegetable matter from cooking too – end pieces of veggies, wilted leaves, etc., so the bin will have some tasty treats for hungry bears. I hadn’t really thought about the compost bin as a possible bear attraction, but I guess I’d better!

Has anyone dealt with this issue? If so, would love for you to post your comments or ideas that have worked for you! Thanks!!


2 thoughts on “Bear Protection Needed

  1. Fascinating… the worst we have to deal with here in the UK are rodents in the compost. Have you thought about burying it so that you have a covered compost pit rather than a bin? Some sort of cover that is firmly secured would be essential, though.

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