Shake It Up, Baby !!

I had a chance to visit Moo Thru Creamery last night as I was returning home from a trip to Northern Virginia. As I sat there enjoying my mint chocolate ice cream, I reminisced about ice cream in general, and milkshakes in particular.

I don’t remember milkshakes at home – it was during our trips to Grandmom’s house that the milkshakes turned up. They were a great treat – Gran used the simple ingredients of milk, ice cream, and chocolate syrup. She had a plastic container that she always used to “shake it up, baby” and turn those ingredients to a milkshake. She’s spritz the top with Reddi-Whip and there it was – pure heaven in a glass!

I also remember our first trips to McDonald’s and the first McDonald’s shakes. They were yummy too, but of a different consistency of those homemade shakes from grandmom’s house. It was fascinating, though, to see the shake mixture come streaming out of the shake machine!

Today, it’s virtually impossible to find a good shake. It’s sad that kids today don’t know what they are missing. They don’t have our memories of the shakes of old and therefore, they are satisfied with the taste and consistency of the today’s fast food shakes. And that’s too bad !!

Our modern day fast food shakes have very little in common with the shakes made at home, or in the steel canisters of the soda shops of the ’50s and ’60s. These modern shakes use automatic milkshake machines with a pre-made ice cream and then they just press a button for whatever flavoring is desired.

Here in Central Virginia, we have a place that is still serving up shakes from which memories are made. If you venture to Farmville, VA, the best shake in town can be found on Main Street, at Walkers Diner. Their shakes are made by hand with real ice cream and they fabulous!

I have a new grandson, a little too young for milkshakes yet, but when he’s old enough, I have made a pledge to myself that when he comes for a visit, his granny will shake it up baby, and make him a homemade milkshake or two !!


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