New Laundry Scents – Lilacs, Roses and Lavender

One of my big plans for life at the farm is to have a clothesline! Who would think one could get so excited over such a simple thing? But it’s true – can’t wait to get the land cleared, the house built, and the clothesline put up. Not one of those umbrella things, but a nice big one constructed with T-Poles and long strands of clothesline rope. 

So why am I so gung-ho on the clothesline thing? Well, there are lots of reasons, many of which are environmental in nature. Hanging laundry out to dry uses less energy for one thing. And it seems that letting the sun do its thing with drying laundry has the benefit of sanitizing clothes, so my linens will be nice and bright!

In my reading on the subject, I ran across an article that suggests adding one half cup of lemon juice to the rinse cycle before putting the laundry out on the clothesline to dry for bleaching power – Avoid Chlorine Bleach – Make Your Own Whitener or Use the Sun. The article has lots of useful tips as the title suggests.

And then, there’s the extra added benefit of planting the clothesline in close proximity to an array of flowers. I’m thinking lilacs, lavender and roses! If I put some of those plants close by, I hope the wind wafting over the flowers will provide an extra lovely fresh from the outdoors scent to my sun dried laundry. Who wouldn’t have sweet dreams on linens that have been dried in such a manner? Woo-Hoo!

Of course, I’m not suggesting that I will ever be without a dryer. There will be days when it rains and the laundry will still need to be dried. And I am the first to admit – the mere suggestion of a big snowstorm sends me into “Alert Mode” and I start doing laundry so if the power goes out, at least we have clean clothes for the duration! As the snow comes down, I’m pushing laundry into the washer and dryer big time!

Still, it will be nice to have the capability to sun dry the laundry in an environmentally friendly and economically feasible way. Now, I just have to sew a really cute clothespin bag and get my wooden clothespins!


2 thoughts on “New Laundry Scents – Lilacs, Roses and Lavender

  1. When I was a kid, my aunt had one of those washing machines where she’d pull the washed clothes thru 2 rollers to wring the water out. I was absolutely mesmerized by that machine!!! When we get our farmhouse finished, I gotta have one (after all, I’ve waited 50 years for it!) Then, all wrung out, I’ll hang the clothes out on the clothesline (careful not to disturb
    the wrens who have made their nest in the clothespin bag:))

  2. In second grade, we lived in rural North Carolina – and had a wringer washer. Not knowing any better, I held onto a sock going thru the wringer and it accepted fingers and the hand. When it got to my elbow, the washer had enough and that’s when my dad came to the rescue and got me out of the jam I was in !!

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