Corn “Fritter” Scones

Well, turns out today is National Corn Fritter Day. Boy oh boy, I sure do love corn fritters!!! Lovely little bites of corn, flour, butter, egg and milk..and then there’s the fried part… Advertisements

Keeping Cool and Sipping Tea

I love tea! Hot tea, herbal tea, iced tea – it’s all good to me! I am particularly fond of Darjeeling teas, called the “Champagne of Teas.” But, much as I love sipping a nice cuppa hot tea, this summer heat makes me head in the iced direction for my sipping pleasures.

How to Peel An Egg

Seems simple enough, right? Boil an egg, peel an egg…. Back in my younger days, my family would always request that I bring deviled eggs to family gatherings. Not because I made great deviled eggs. No, the real reason was that they had bets on what I would actually bring! Because I had not learned … Continue reading