Sipping Chocolate Chai Tea

Recently, I told you about our recent trip to Richmond, VA and our visit to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. While we were there, we visited the museum’s Best Cafe as hubs wanted a little refreshment. I wasn’t particularly hungry or thirsty (ok, I did find it necessary to get a chocolate muffin). While … Continue reading

Bears and Bees

In June, I posted a blog about the need to investigate a way to compost in such a manner that would discourage bears as I had heard rumors from my soon to be neighbors about the presence of bears. This weekend, I learned that one neighbor, a new beekeeper, had his hives destroyed by the … Continue reading

A Victory for the Bees !

Last month, I picked up a copy of Virginia Gardener Magazine (Jul/Aug 2012) at my local bookstore. To my dismay, there was an article in the magazine titled “Bee Afraid, Bee Very Afraid,” which contained a lot of bad information about honeybees, lumping bees into the same class of stinging insects as wasps and yellowjackets … Continue reading

It’s Starting to Look Like a House !

Progress… what a nice word!! It means that something is actually taking place to meet a goal – in my case, that means that sometime in the next couple of months (fingers are crossed), we will be moving into our new home at Bellington Farm.

Richmond, VA Get-Away

Wow, sorry haven’t posted here in a while! Things have been in a whirl with the house building project! It’s nice to see things actually being done and milestones being met to get me into my new house! It’s very exciting.

Birthday Celebrations

Today is hubby’s birthday! We started the celebrations early this morning by driving out to the home site in his pickup truck and watching the Perseid Meteor Shower until about 1:30 AM this morning.

A View of the Farm

At long last! All of our permits have been approved – well and septic, building plans, and culvert work! We’ve had on site excavation work done to clear 2.25 acres of our 16+ acres for the house, lawn, kitchen garden and (very important) drain field !! LOL…