Growing Yucca Plants

Have never grown yucca plants; however, we have two rather large (and I’m guessing old) yucca plants at the house we are renting during the house building process. They were beautiful in bloom, but now I’ve been left with about eight large bloom stalks. Everyday I think “I should really cut those stalks down,” but as we know, there are always a million things on the “Should Do” list in life!!

For once, I’m kind of glad that I’ve put this task off. For the past few days, we’ve had a cute woodpecker diligently pecking away at the bloom stalks. Apparently, they are offering him a tasty meal! I know he’s been providing me much amusement as I sip my morning cup of tea – nature has a wonderful way of entertaining us if we only take a moment to stop and watch!

Since yuccas seem to do so well here in Central Virginia, I think I will have to find a nice spot for them on the property, giving them plenty of space to grow. In time, they will become beautiful plants in bloom to view from the front porch. The plants that are here at this house were probably okay when put in place, but they have grown quite large and impede the sidewalk, giving me a jab with their sharp points as I carry packages into the house.


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