A View of the Farm

At long last! All of our permits have been approved – well and septic, building plans, and culvert work! We’ve had on site excavation work done to clear 2.25 acres of our 16+ acres for the house, lawn, kitchen garden and (very important) drain field !! LOL…

I’ll take you on a little tour of the farm as it begins to unfold…..

A view from the road…new driveway entrance is on the right.

Our new driveway entrance to the farm

The “top” of the cleared property. The house will sit up here. You may be able to see the orange flags outlining where the house will sit.

West side of the cleared site – the future Kitchen Garden!!

Another view of the west side and future kitchen garden.

This is the bottom of the cleared site. Along the back will be the small orchard of apples, peaches, pears (and more ?)


Bottom to top view of the cleared site.

So, the dream begins. Lots to do, many plans to make. Hope you enjoyed the tour!


6 thoughts on “A View of the Farm

  1. My husband and I just built our forever home in Powhatan, on a very similar piece of property. We only cleared a portion, enough for our home, drain fields, and a garden. We both come from a continuous line of farmers, and love growing our own food. We are perplexed at how to keep all the deer away next year, and are wondering what your plan is. Im sure, from looking at the pictures, that you too are in an area with high numbers of deer. Would love to communicate with you.

    • Hi Neighbor !!! LOL…. We’ve done just about the same thing – only cleared enough for the house, lawn, kitchen garden and drain field. We do have a 6 acre meadow on the property which I’ll deal with down the road… Deer are a real problem, aren’t they? We will probably fence off the garden area by the house. I’ve heard that running a line around the top of the fencing and tying strips of fabric makes them nervous – they don’t want to get their antlers stuck in the line. So that’s a thought (and hopefully a good one!!! )

      • My neighbors have tried fencing, and say it works only if the fence is really high. Ive never heard of the line with fabric strips on it though. May be worth trying.

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