It’s Starting to Look Like a House !

Progress… what a nice word!! It means that something is actually taking place to meet a goal – in my case, that means that sometime in the next couple of months (fingers are crossed), we will be moving into our new home at Bellington Farm.

The land clearing business has been taken care of and the foundation for the house has been done.

The cinder block foundation has been set…

When we went to see the work that had been done for the cinder block, we were rather surprised at the amount of it. Turns out, the elevation of the house site drops off towards the garage side of the house, resulting in a lot more cinder block foundation to make things level. That’s a good thing, and necessary, but it was waaayyy more cinder block than I expected to see. And it’s pretty ugly to boot.

After seeing how much exposed cinder block there was going to be, I came home and hit “google” to find ways to “pretty up” the cinder block. Should we paint it? Stucco it? We met with the builder and discussed options. They recommended “parging” which is basically a stucco type solution. The first layer of parging material went on yesterday – it’s gray.

That’s the back side of the house. You can see the crawl space door there – it’s the black square in the cinder block. And it gives you a good idea of the “drop” in elevation from one side of the house to the next.

Today, the foundation crew is putting a second parge layer on the cinder block. This time, it will be a buff color, so it will lighten it up quite a bit. The house is going to be yellow, so the buff should blend in nicely with that. Again, FINGERS CROSSED !!!


6 thoughts on “It’s Starting to Look Like a House !

  1. Our new house, at Dragonly Farm, was just completed in July. I remember how exciting it was to see the oundation being laid! Every visit was exciting from there on! Exciting to know you should be in your new home by the holidays!

  2. Wow – I had no idea your house was such a newly completed project! So you do know exactly what’s going on here, don’t you? You’re so close – we should meet for lunch sometime!

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