Bears and Bees

In June, I posted a blog about the need to investigate a way to compost in such a manner that would discourage bears as I had heard rumors from my soon to be neighbors about the presence of bears.

This weekend, I learned that one neighbor, a new beekeeper, had his hives destroyed by the local bear. Unlike the fish that keeps getting bigger each time the tale is told, everyone talking about this bear is in agreement that it is about four hundred pounds.

Another neighbor with a peach orchard had trees and tree limbs destroyed as the bear went after peaches (perhaps he knew that just the other day was “National Peach Pie Day?). In any event, our bear seems to have quite a sweet tooth.

I know that my beekeeping neighbor used an electrified fence around his bees. That’s pretty common practice. I have no idea if there is any way to “beef up” the electricity around the fencing to give bears and other predators a really good “bite” to shoo them away from the hives.

I’ve been planning to put a barrier of Firethorn Pyracantha around my hives when they go in next spring. My grandmom had pyracantha next to her front door, and let me tell you, those thorns are SHARP!! I think that putting it in as the first line of defense, and then adding the electrified fence would provide extra protection for my hives, my bees, and honey.

If any beekeepers have other great ideas, please post your comments here!


2 thoughts on “Bears and Bees

  1. In England we no longer have bears, so I have no idea what deterrent could be used. But I would agree with you that pyracantha would be a good bet but it will take a few years to grow.

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