Sipping Chocolate Chai Tea

Recently, I told you about our recent trip to Richmond, VA and our visit to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. While we were there, we visited the museum’s Best Cafe as hubs wanted a little refreshment. I wasn’t particularly hungry or thirsty (ok, I did find it necessary to get a chocolate muffin). While they were heating the muffin, I saw a tin of Chocolate Chai up on the shelf. “Hmm,” I said to self, “must give that a try sometime.”

I couldn’t get the notion of Chocolate Chai out of my head. I thought about nice chocolate notes lifting from my teacup of chai. It stuck in my head to the point that I had to go online shopping for Chocolate Chai. And, of course, the Internet did not fail me. So many chocolate chai teas popped up in my search. An investigation of the descriptions found me scratching my head as many “teas” contained absolutely no tea whatsoever… ???? Really?? They had lots of spices and herbs, but no tea. So I pressed on in my search, finally finding a Chocolate Chai tea from Adagio Teas which was ordered post haste.

My order came quickly, and I wasted no time ripping open the package. A rather artificial (chemical) chocolate smell emerged from the packaging, followed by cinnamon. Not quite what I was expecting, but I pressed on, measuring tea and boiling water. After proper steeping, I am sad to say that the chocolate notes never quite made it from the cup. The tea delivered a spicy sip, but disappointingly, no chocolate taste at all. I have some chocolate nibs here in the kitchen. Maybe I’ll drop a few of those in with the next steeping to see if I can “bump up” the chocolate taste a bit in this tea. Am glad that I purchased only the sample size of this tea as I don’t think it will head to the top of the heap in my list of favorite teas.


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