National TV Dinner Day

Tomorrow, September 10, is National TV Dinner Day… oh, wow, does that take me back in time! My grandmother, who was a really great cook, also liked to kick back every once in a while and stay out of the kitchen. Consequently, her freezer was pretty well stocked with Swanson Frozen Dinners which burst into America’s kitchens in the early 1950s. I can remember what a treat it was to go to the freezer and PICK ANYTHING I WANTED to eat – fried chicken, salisbury steak, spaghetti… it was a kid’s foodie heaven frozen on a plate (well, aluminum cooking tray, anyway). Back then, the TV dinners were heated in the oven as microwave ovens were either not invented or pretty rare.

My favorites were any of the dinners that included mashed potatoes. At age five or six, I thought they were the best things on earth to eat!!!

Once our dinners were ready, we could go into the LIVING ROOM and eat our TV dinners on TV trays!!!! Holy Cow, that was living it up big time!!! Yep, they sure were good times at grandmom’s!!


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