Two Steps Forward…. and one backward

Well, I was hoping to show exciting pictures of our house being “set” on the foundation this week. Unfortunately, heavy rains that fell on Thursday prevented the grand event from taking place.

We’ve been told that it will happen this coming Thursday or Friday, and so far the weather pattern looks good for that to actually happen. All the “infrastructure” is in place – meaning we have a porta-potty and construction dumpster on site…so, am taking that as a step in the right direction!

The house is being transported on two large trucks, probably with chase vehicles leading the way. A crane is coming from another part of Central Virginia to lift the two house sections and place them on the foundation. Kinda scary to think about !!!

After the house is “set,” the work begins to secure the house to the foundation (and each piece to each other). The garage, front porch and back patio will be built onsite. And, lest we forget, there’s that well/septic and electricity business that need to get done too!


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