A New Treat for Fall

Where does one go to find all the new trends in food? Well, if you are plugged into a computer, the answer is social media. More specifically, Twitter and Pinterest! I’ve come across some amazing new finds through these sources. Two of my favorites are Biscoff Spread and Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter.

I happened to be near a Trader Joe’s in Northern Virginia this week. I walked in and a friendly TJ employee asked if I needed assistance. I said “Cookie Butter!” Her eyes lit up and she led me to the aisle. Next to the jars of the Cookie Butter were some chocolate bars that were filled with the gooey goodness. She recommended them, and the combo of chocolate and cookie butter was too wonderful to resist.

The chocolate bar was really really good! First, you get a bite of the creamy chocolate, then the gingery cookie butter taste kicks in. A real winner in my book!

My jar of Cookie Butter is on the shelf, calling to me like a siren to make some muffins or cupcakes so I can spread the cookie butter on top. It’s going to be perfect for those fall pumpkin muffins or even to use as a dip for those crisp fall apples that will be coming into season here in Virginia. Soon, Cookie Butter… very soon you will be savored!

…. Okay.. here’s the new best thing in the world to eat.. I couldn’t wait for pumpkin muffins or fall apples. Toasted a bagel and topped it with my cookie butter spread.. OMG !!! Fabulous!!!


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