First Annual “Taste of Farmville”

A beautiful fall day here in Central Virginia! I was on the campus of Hampden Sydney College bright and early this morning for their first annual “Taste of Farmville.” The event was held this weekend during the Family Weekend, so there was much activity on campus, as you might expect!

My “theme” for my table was going to be a gingham check table cloth with fish bowls for coupons for free giveaways. But, like most ideas, that one went south after not being able to find fish bowls for sale during my last minute rush to find them. What I did find were plastic pumpkins and a cute pumpkin tablecloth. Hello new theme !!

Since today was the official first full day of fall, the new theme worked out well. Students’ parents seemed genuinely pleased to hear that we were planning to offer the capability for parents to order and have delivered on campus freshly baked food items for their students in the near future. I know one graduation cake is in the works for next spring! Woo-Hoo!

The first picture you see includes a pretty grassy field behind me. Well, by the time all the tailgaters arrived, it was packed with tents, trucks, and bbq smells wafting over us. Everyone was having a great time in anticipation of the football game for Family Weekend.

We had coupons for parents to fill out for a drawing for our giveaway prizes. We drew names of six persons who will get to have a free baked good delivered to their student.

All in all, it was a great debut for the farm. We were so pleased to have been invited to participate in the event and look forward to being a part of similar campus events in the future.


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