A Weakness for Lemon Curd

Oh how I love lemon curd! Despite its dreadful name…I mean really – CURD?? Seriously, I would have given it a much more heavenly name had I been its inventor.

According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, lemon curd is a thick, sweet substance made from lemons, sugar, butter and eggs that you can spread on bread or cakes. See Definition

What the definition leaves out is the science of making lemon curd. This delicious spread can be a little tricky. The making requires constant stirring and attention because overcooking results in a scrambled egg mess that is totally inedible.

Some people use the whole egg to make their curd. I use only the yolks, which are blended with the lemon juice, lemon zest and sugar. This conconction is heated until the spread sticks to the back of a spoon. Temperature should not exceed 165 degrees Farenheit, or the scrambled egg mess is a sure thing. Remove from heat, add the butter. Pour into a container and be sure to cover the top of the curd with plastic film lest the proteins in the curd begin to form a “skin.” Refrigerate until chilled and then start hunting down anything you can find to spread it on!

I’ve used it on scones, angel food cake, french toast, and have even dipped chicken wings into it!!! As they say “anything goes” !!


2 thoughts on “A Weakness for Lemon Curd

    • LOL…yeah…. they weren’t thinking when they came up with that name!!! And of course, there’s all those lovely other curds made with the citrus fruits – orange, blood orange, lime and grapefruit!!!

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