A Trip to Monticello

A couple of weeks ago, we made the trek up to Charlottesville, VA to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson for the 6th Annual Heritage Harvest Festival

The festival featured all manner of things related to the harvest – food, fun, and info-sharing! There were free information sessions and for pay talks given on a variety of topics. One that I was especially interested in hearing was by Michael Twitty, or as I know him on Twitter @KosherSoul. Michael has an amazing genealogy project which traces his Afro-American roots both culinarily and historically. His website Afroculinaria explores many of his culinary roots through his travels to trace his ancestry.

Michael Twitty and I meet at the Heritage Harvest Festival in Monticello

Another Twitter friend,@WDCGArdener was there as well. She provides wonderful gardening information via Twitter, so I wanted to ensure that I got a chance to stop by for a quick “hello.” Sadly for me, such was not the case, as her booth was mobbed with people seeking gardening tips and facts.

And then, there was the Chef’s Tent where chefs from area restaurants shared recipes and cooking tips for using locally produced veggies. One such chef was from The Jefferson Hotel, in Richmond, where we stayed only the month before. Chef Bundy shared an end of summer gazpacho that was “kicked up” a notch with his “Carolina Shrimp” – a combination that included shrimp and mandarin oranges. The combination was a winner and the sweet of the orange mated beautifully with the flavors of the soup. Just lovely!

Monticello features a 1,000 foot kitchen garden that was the envy of every person in attendance! If you have not had the pleasure of visiting this historic mansion, there would not be a better time to go than next year’s Heritage Harvest Festival!


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