Bee Club Outing

The Buckingham Bee Club set up a booth on Saturday at the Historic Village at Lee Wayside in Buckingham County, VA for the Fall Farm Festival. The village is located on Route 60 west of Sprouse’s Corner about 4.5 miles. Unfortunately for me, I used their directions finder on their website which sent me scurrying about the county in a completely wrong direction! Fortunately for me, I flagged down some very nice people who were out driving and they got me straightened out and to my destination!

The morning got off to a rather chilly start, and Doug, who was bringing our demonstration hive, said he would be arriving a little bit late because he wanted the day to heat up a bit before bringing the bees.

Buckingham Bee Club booth with demonstration hive

The Festival had a mule drawn carriage that took people for a tour of the historic village. Hamburgers and hot dogs were grilled up and served at the prices for which farmers are paid – 68 cents for a hamburger; 18 cents for a hot dog. Shows you want markup is all about, doesn’t it ?

Our booth was just across from the music which was provided by a number of different performers and groups all day long. Great fiddling and guitar playing going on with church hymns and Johnny Cash being among the most popular songs played.

This is the first time the club has ever sponsored a booth of any kind. We had honey from two of our local beekeepers for sale – and honey was going fast and furious! One of our beekeepers had a hand lotion for sale that she made using sunflower oil, beeswax, and essential oils which was very popular too!

We also had a a lot of great information for people interested in bees, honey and beekeeping. We had a number of catalogs with beekeeper supplies and a print out of recipes to make a variety of items using honey. All in all, it was a great success and the club looks forward to future opportunities to having an opportunity to provide education to future beekeepers!


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