In Search of Persimmons

We took time today to wander down to the new house site and take a walk through the woods. I was hoping to find some persimmon trees on the property, but did not see any during this excursion.

Earlier this year, in the spring, we spotted a red bud in bloom and I wanted to find it today to get some of the seed pods from it to save some of the seeds. Last spring, we only saw one red bud on the property, but today, we managed to see a second one only 50 feet or so from the first one we found. Yaay!!! They are both nestled among a large group of dogwood, so the pink and white blossoms are just beautiful together!

We also found what I believe are black locust so we tagged them as well. Will have to walk through the woods with my tree guide and try to identify the many, many trees that I am not familiar with. Would love to discover that we have sourwood growing on the property. It’s in the region and would be wonderful for the bees if we have it.

All our tromping through the woods today did not turn up any persimmon trees. I know they are around – there is one not too very far from us. But this was the first time we really put effort into trying to identify the tree varieties on the property. We will spend many many more enjoyable hours out in the woods, learning to identify all the beautiful trees.

We did run into a box turtle who was not too happy to see us. He was at the bottom of the cleared part of the property and enjoying the warm sunshine. He quickly went into his shell as we got close!


One thought on “In Search of Persimmons

  1. We had a chat with one of our new neighbors – he’s got a farm with about 350 acres (and cattle and goats!). I asked if he had persimmon trees on his property and he says he has loads of them. He’s going to let me take some of the smaller persimmon trees to transplant!

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