Touring a Virginia Backroad

Coffee Pot House

This past weekend, hubs and I decided to make a trip up to Staunton, VA to take in the fall foliage. Our intent was to drive up there and back, but sometimes plans change, often for the better.

We drove up Rt. 20 through Scottsville and on to Charlottesville. Scottsville is a lovely historic town nestled along the James River. It has a great Farmer’s Market and the Horseshoe Bend Bistro that I’ve been meaning to get to!

We tarried in Charlottesville long enough to visit the Barnes and Noble. Picked up a couple of Halloween books to send on to our grandson. Just down from the Barnes and Noble was a great find – The Happy Cook where I am sure to return when I have more time to shop!!!

On to Staunton from Charlottesville! We climbed the mountains and saw beautiful fall foliage! All the road stops for the breathtaking vistas were on the opposite side of the road, so no picture taking along that route (well, we planned to come back that way, remember?)

Once we got to Staunton, I came up with the idea of driving south on 81 to Lexington and then driving east on Rt. 60 to get back to Farmville. “Sounds like a plan,” said hubs. And we were on our way. I-81 cuts through the valley, so nothing of particular interest there. We could see mountains, but they were too far away to really appreciate the spectacular fall leaves.

Once we turned on to Rt. 60 in Lexington, we were headed on a long and winding road. It was a fabulous road -twisting up and down the mountains. As we neared Buena Vista, hubs spotted the Coffee Pot House. (interesting history of the house here!) I was driving and hadn’t noticed it. We backtracked and hubs took the picture of the house at the top of this post. It’s for rent, if anyone’s interested!! LOL… Would make a great coffee shop, don’t you think?

It was about 90 miles from Lexington back to home via Rt. 60. And it has become one of my new favorite finds of Central Virginia. The leaves were just beautiful! One of the most interesting sites were tall trees, covered in green kudzu, with the striking colors of the gold, red, and orange leaves blazing through.

All in all, a perfect day!


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