A Happy Thanksgiving

Woo-Hoo! We got the keys to the new house this week which is a good thing, since our daughter, son-in-law and grandson were planning to come down for a visit! We moved essentials into the new place – set up the guest bedroom and bathrooms and said “Come on down!”

I planned to cook my traditional Thanksgiving dinner for them while they were here. So, new house, new gas range, newly found appliances re-appearing from their boxes (like the coffee maker and hand mixer), and we were ready to go! I plopped the 15+ pound turkey into the new true-convection over, and with Amanda reading me the step by step instructions on how the heck to work the oven, we were off and running!

The turkey seemed to take FOREVER for the timer to pop out. I knifed it to see if the juices would run clear, and agreed with the pop out timer that indeed the turkey was FINALLY cooked. It was juicy and moist. My husband declared it was the best turkey ever!

We made my homemade bread stuffing. It was the first time that Amanda had actually assisted in the stuffing making process. I left her to her own devices to add the parsley, sage, salt and pepper to the dressing. It turned out great! Our son-in-law decided that using fresh veggies and freshly toasted bread made much better stuffing than boxed…whew!! So glad he didn’t feel the opposite way!!

No one seemed to mind the slightly lumpy mashed potatoes. My newly found hand mixer was minus a beater, so had to mix them with a “one-armed” mixer….But topped with lots of turkey gravy, the lumps kinda disappeared!!

Our 20 month old grandson tasted cranberry sauce for the first time. He would take a bite, shiver, then giggle! First the tartness hit him, and then the sweet. He was a happy camper.

We made pumpkin pies (again, Amanda reading me step by step instructions – this time for baking, not roasting). Success, again!!! I used canned whipped cream, only because our grandson LOVES to have it squirted into his mouth! The next morning, his mom fixed him oatmeal for breakfast, and because he was at grandma’s house, he got it covered with whipped cream. Good to the last drop, as they say!

All in all a great weekend (they left early this morning). We didn’t have a lot of furniture in the new house, but our grandson had a blast running around and screeching so he could hear his echo in the empty house. We had a big box in the dining room that I had unpacked that became a nice hide and go seek spot; he had fun opening the freezer section of the new fridge and getting pieces of ice and throwing them from the back porch. He fed bread to the crows in the backyard and tossed pinecones during his “adventure walk.”

Next weekend, as most Americans enjoy the “real” Thanksgiving, my husband and I will be moving boxes and furniture into the new house. So it was nice to have this early Thanksgiving “holiday” to remind us that we are truly thankful for the love of family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!!


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