The Eagle Has Landed

Those words were spoken as Neil Armstrong landed on the moon to say “Mission Accomplished.” Well, perhaps not so earthshaking in nature or of such historic importance, but we too have landed – in our new house!!! Woo-hoo!!! We now wake up to the mooing of cows and the cawing of crows.

We officially moved on 11/30/12. We’ve been without Internet service since then and only re-connected to the outside world via satellite service today. So have been unable to post anything new here for you.

The house is wonderful. My kitchen is divine!!! Am working to get it all organized so that I can start baking in earnest and post some pics of my goodies for all to see!

Now that we are really here, can get the VDACS application submitted and move forward with the kitchen certification process. I am so ready to Rock ‘N Roll with my baking projects!!!

Have begun unpacking my cookbooks, some of which have been in storage for more than a year and a half. So good to see them again – just like old friends! I’ve really missed them.

Have planted the lavender and rosemary plants that I purchased in the summer, thinking we would get into the house waaaay before now. But such was not the case, so have planted them in a sunny spot in the back and will hope for the best for them. We’ve had some unusually warm weather here in Central Virginia this week, so maybe the plants will “go with the flow” and survive.

Well, back to unpacking and organizing! I promise to be much more diligent about my posts in the future!


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