Christmas Snow

Happy New Year, one and all!!! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with friends and loved ones!

We traveled northward to northwestern Virginia this Christmas Eve to have Christmas with our daughter, son in law and 23-month old grandson. We started out early Christmas Eve and trekked up to Charlottesville, VA where we started to see snow on the grassy areas beside the road. We climbed higher in elevation as we went towards Staunton, VA. Visibility diminished rapidly and I began to realize how those awful multi-car accidents occur on state highways. Couldn’t see more than a couple of car lengths ahead of we progressed along slowly.

About the time we were reaching Harrisonburg, VA, it was really snowing! Cars were sliding into the ditches along the roadway; response vehicles were sounding their sirens, and it was pretty dicy driving…so we progressed along with great caution and I’m glad to say, we made the trip without incident!!!

We got our grandson a new snowsuit for Christmas; his other grandparents got him a sled; and Santa brought him 3+ inches of snow. He had great fun being pulled along in his sled on Christmas day and throwing snowballs was a real treat!!! All in all, a very Merry Christmas!!!


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