New House Update

Whew…. moving into a new house around the holidays is NO FUN !!! We moved in over Thanksgiving weekend and it’s been a zoo ever since!!

The good news is that we got the Christmas tree up early since we had the boxes of Christmas decorations already waiting to have something done with them (move them up to the attic, or dig in and start decorating).

I had to wait until we got into the house to finalize my VDACS application for a home based food processing operation as I had to submit a sample of our well water. I was very glad the report came back with no coliform bacteria in our drinking water – always a good thing to have bacteria free water!!!

My completed application was sent off the week before Christmas. Then, it was time to seriously consider Christmas shopping and baking as I had done very little in either regard. Am still learning the eccentricities of the new gas range. By and large, it’s a dream, but I think I will use the “true convection” oven feature more in the future when baking.

There’s a pantry area in the kitchen that needs completing. I want to put in wire mesh shelves to hold my various baking ingredients, pans, and other essential utensils. We’ve measured it (a couple of times!) and have debated the best layout for the shelving. Now it’s just a matter of making the purchase and doing the installation. Once that’s done, I can really get this new kitchen organized (my husband swears I have enough kitchen “goodies” for four kitchens at least).

My collection of teacups and saucers (numbering somewhere around eighty or so) remains in the dish box that I packed them in about a year and a half ago. More shelving is needed before they can be unpacked and displayed. Carpentry is not a strong point in the family, so research on the subject needs to be done! LOL

The “yard” is nothing but dirt, clay (and with a lot of rain – mud). Moving in at winter time pretty much destroyed any ideas of planting grass or other ground cover. I spoke with a local extension agent who told me it was useless to consider doing anything for the yard situation until closer to Spring, so I am counting the days until we can get some landscaping done.

So, we’re “getting there.” The house is starting to look like home and that’s a really nice way to feel.


2 thoughts on “New House Update

  1. Have some earlier photos in the blog. Need to get some new ones uploaded, though. Initially plan to sell baked goods to students on campus at Hampden Sydney and branch out from there to the local community (Prince Edward County, Farmville, etc) most likely at farm markets and “drop off” places.

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