Top Ten Things that Celery Seed will Enhance

I think our taste buds change as we age. I know that my grandmom went through a “dill” stage late in life where it seems that everything she ate had an added dash of dill seed in it (to the point that it became a mild family joke). For the past year or so, I find myself adding parsley to foods – soups, Thanksgiving stuffing, egg salad, and a lot of other savory dishes.

And now Celery Seed enters the mix!!! I’ve unpacked a lot of my cookbooks, including those focusing on herbs and herbal cooking. One book, The Good Herb, by Judith Benn Hurley (c1995), shows that Celery Seed is among the highest of the herbs and spices for magnesium (29 mg/tbs); and potassium (91 mg/tbs). It even offers a little iron (3 mg/tbs). So, now armed with a freshly purchased supply of celery seed, here are my TOP TEN THINGS that Celery Seed will enhance:

1. Thanksgiving Stuffing
2. Egg Salad
3. Vegetable Soup
4. Corn/Jalapeno Muffins
5. Potato Salad
6. Cole Slaw
7. Spaghetti Sauce
8. Herbed Breads
9. Steamed Vegetable Medley
10. Meatloaf or meatballs

As Mikey would say – “Try it, you’ll like it!”


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Things that Celery Seed will Enhance

  1. I’ve always loved celery seed! I’ve tossed it in potato salad and cole slaw – and – on hot dogs! I can’t wait to try it in the other things you suggest! Thanks!

  2. I love celery seed as part of my seasoning mix for roasting chicken! I heard it’s really good for dumpling filling too

    • Wow, I’m so glad I posted this on my blog as I am expanding my list of uses for celery seed by the moment !!! And celery seed in the dumplings sounds great – and perfect for this chilly weather, too! Thanks for the tip!

      • Full fat cottage cheese with minced chives and celery seed. Proof that God Above has forgiven us our sins!

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