Mise en Place

This French term, meaning “everything in place,” has special meaning in the kitchen. And I’ve been very busy of late, finally able to take items out of boxes and get them arranged on the newly installed steel shelving in the open pantry area of the kitchen.

Mise en Place!

Mise en Place!

We planned the kitchen with an open pantry area for the shelving, but has taken a while to get them up. Hubs did a marvelous job with the placement and installation of the rails for the shelves! I’ve been happy as a clam loading them up with my baking pans, my Wilton cake decorating “tool kit,” and other baking necessities.

Prior to building the house, I met with a person from VDACS and showed him our house plans. He suggested that we install a separate hand sink in the kitchen, so voila – here it is! My “ServSafe” certification has a place of its own on the wall next to the sink.

Kitchen hand sink

Kitchen hand sink

So, am getting prepared for the VDACS inspection that will take place next week. As part of the inspection, I will prepare and bake a sour cream coffee cake (one of the recipes from the VDACS application – an approved recipe!). It has lots of cinnamon, so the kitchen will smell WONDERFUL! He will take some made in advance baked goods with him to send off to a lab for testing. I’ll send off some scones and muffins to the lab (and have fun eating the “leftovers,” haha).

I’ll keep you posted as to how my inspection goes!


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