Summer Garden Plans

Weather forecasters promised that yesterday would be a beautiful Spring day with lots of sunshine. With that promise in mind, I planned a day in the outdoors. Friday night I got a few pansy plants and those were planted close to my forsythia bush. Advertisements

Crabapple “trees”

Well this past weekend we made it a point to get up early because the Town of Farmville and the Heart of Virginia Master Gardeners gave away free tree seedlings. We were able to get four crabapple trees (Malus augustifolia), one apple tree (Malus pumila), and a white oak (Quercus alba). Now, when I say … Continue reading

Spring Snow

Really?? Snow?? On the first day of Spring?? It was forecast to happen, but I really didn’t want it to be true! Still, I had the foresight to get my rose slip inside the garage last night in advance of the downturn in the weather….

Staking Out the Place

Well, making headway on the garden areas (in my head and on paper, anyway). We went to the local hardware store and bought some 1×1 boards, 8 feet long that hubs is going to cut into garden stakes. They were a buck each, and much cheaper than the $3 garden stakes that were for sale! … Continue reading

Plant a plant, take a break….

Today I tackled the job of planting some herb plants that will probably not survive. I bought them last summer, with the thought of getting the house built on the property long before it was. So, the plants sat on the porch of the rental house all last summer, wearily waiting to be planted in … Continue reading

Fluffy Herbed Dumplings

O-M-G !!! Ever since I put up the post about things that can be enhanced with celery seed (and The Aubergine Chef said herbed dumplings), I have been CRAVING them. As part of this past weekend’s groceries, got all the necessary items to make them. And today was the day!!!