Fluffy Herbed Dumplings

O-M-G !!! Ever since I put up the post about things that can be enhanced with celery seed (and The Aubergine Chef said herbed dumplings), I have been CRAVING them. As part of this past weekend’s groceries, got all the necessary items to make them. And today was the day!!!

Herbed Dumplings in Chicken Stock

Herbed Dumplings in Chicken Stock

1 package of chicken backs (6 in the package)
1 5 lb chicken

I got a large pot and chopped one large onion, three carrots and an equal number of celery stalks into pretty big chunks. I put those in the pot with a bay leaf, the chicken backs and salt and pepper. I covered it all with cold water and brought it to a boil. Oh – I also added maybe a scant tbl of olive oil – don’t know why, but I did!!!

When it got to a rolling boil, I turned the heat down a bit and let it go. I set the timer for 30 minute sets, and at the end of each “ding,” I checked the water level to ensure that the chicken backs remained covered. In all, it cooked for about an hour and a half. At the end, I had a wonderful stock to cook the chicken and make the dumplings.

I got a colander and removed all the ingredients. They were spent – all of their flavor had gone into the stock. In another pot (yes, I am doing the dishes as well!), I put the 5 lb chicken and covered it with the stock. When that came to a boil, I turned the heat down and let it gently boil for about an hour. I checked the temperature of the chicken and it was 165 F – perfect !!!

I removed the chicken from the pot and pulled out my grandmom’s dropped dumpling recipe.

Gran’s Dropped Dumplings

2 cups flour
4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 cup milk

Bring the chicken stock pot up to a boil.

I measured out the milk and to that I added some dried parsley (about a tablespoon), about a teaspoon each of celery seed, and sage.

I whisked all the dry ingredients and added the herbed milk. It mixes together to make a soft dough.

I dropped large tablespoons of the soft dough into the boiling pot of chicken stock. When they were all in there (made 11), I turned the heat down to medium low and turned the timer to 10 minutes. No STIRRING!! If they start to boil over, you can turn the heat back a bit more.

Dumpling flecked with herbs

Dumpling flecked with herbs

At the end of ten minutes, I had perfectly beautiful, fluffy pillows of herbed dumplings. And now, I am stuffed !!!


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