Plant a plant, take a break….

Today I tackled the job of planting some herb plants that will probably not survive. I bought them last summer, with the thought of getting the house built on the property long before it was. So, the plants sat on the porch of the rental house all last summer, wearily waiting to be planted in the good earth.

We moved here in November, and it’s been nothing but rain, snow, rain, snow, and mud, mud, mud. Finally today was a gloriously sunny day and I said “Time to plant those herbs.” Nothing shows you how out of shape you are until you are digging holes in the ground and uncovering rocks that date back to the Stone Age. So, it was dig a hole, plant a plant, and take a break!!! LOL

My husband has designed a honeycomb pattern for the herb garden and he had great fun directing me and my efforts from the comfort of his seat on the back patio!!

Next weekend, in celebration of Arbor Day, our local Heart of Virginia Master Gardeners, along with the Town of Farmville and the State of Virginia will be giving away free trees! My plan is to get some of them and then get them planted over that weekend. Hopefully, I’ll be recovered from the herb plantings – hahahahaha!!!


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