Staking Out the Place

Well, making headway on the garden areas (in my head and on paper, anyway). We went to the local hardware store and bought some 1×1 boards, 8 feet long that hubs is going to cut into garden stakes. They were a buck each, and much cheaper than the $3 garden stakes that were for sale! We’ll use those to stake out the herb garden, kitchen garden, a couple of flower garden areas (yeah for bees!) and a large area in the front of the house that I want to mulch.

This plan is in advance of getting someone here to smooth out the 2 1/4 acres that we cleared in August just before the house project was started. Once the bumps and areas where the ground has settled (over the drain field and septic areas), we can begin to think about putting down grass seed and maybe a cover crop that the bees will enjoy (white clover, red clover??).

I purchased a couple of packets of chickory – you know, the blue weed you see growing along side the roadways. I love it!! I plan to put in a long row of it on the house side of the wooded area in the front of the house. It’s a perennial, so we’ll see what happens. It’s fond of growing in proximity to Queen Anne’s Lace, another favorite of mine, so have to hunt around for some of those seeds too. Hubs says I am the only one he knows who searches for weed seeds!!! But beekeeping is in my plan so I’m looking for plants that will provide pollen sources for my winged friends.

We’re lucky here to have a number of tulip poplars growing – a wonderful food source for bees! Would love to discover that we have sourwood and persimmon trees on the property. We walked the property last spring and didn’t see any, but maybe we just overlooked them. We do have lovely dogwood and a couple of redbuds, so can’t wait for Spring to arrive and have it all in blossom!


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