Spring Snow

Really?? Snow?? On the first day of Spring?? It was forecast to happen, but I really didn’t want it to be true! Still, I had the foresight to get my rose slip inside the garage last night in advance of the downturn in the weather….

Spring Snow

First Day of Spring

Last year, as we waited through the house building project, we rented a house in Farmville, VA. At one point in its history, someone had planted two rose bushes next to the front porch which had grown so out of control that we had to tie the cascading branches to the porch columns to be able to get into the house (even after trimming them!). As you may recall, last February was unusually warm here in Central Virginia and one rosebush was resplendent in gorgeous yellow roses that were tinged with pink.

When we moved, I took two slips from the rosebush, and literally plopped them in some soil in a pot. And one of them has lived! I can see the tiny signs of life on the tips of the plant. I’m so excited that my poor attempt paid off. Now that the rose has done its job and survived, I must do all that I can to ensure its success in the garden! Including, it seems, protecting it from springtime snows!

Yes, that was plural – we’re told that more snow could be headed our way Sunday night into Monday. Oh, goodie!!


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