Crabapple “trees”

Well this past weekend we made it a point to get up early because the Town of Farmville and the Heart of Virginia Master Gardeners gave away free tree seedlings. We were able to get four crabapple trees (Malus augustifolia), one apple tree (Malus pumila), and a white oak (Quercus alba). Now, when I say seedlings, that’s just what I mean! The largest crabapple was about 8 inches from the top of the root base to the tip top. So, will be many years before I’m making crabapple jelly, I’m afraid (at least from a crop from these trees).

I got them all planted on Saturday afternoon (yaay!) and then Sunday we got bammed with yet another late Spring snow – about three inches total. But enough to provide a chilly reception to the newly planted tree seedlings! I don’t know if they will survive or not. They will bear watching to see if we lose them which would be too bad. Fingers are crossed that they pull through this unseasonably cool stretch of weather. Hope so! In addition to the hopes of one day getting some crabapple jelly, I wanted the trees to provide springtime flowers and pollen for the bees as the trees mature.

Saturday was a pretty busy day! After we got our “trees,” and before the planting escapade, we headed over to B&M Greenhouse. They were hosting a series of gardening talks covering annuals and vegetable gardening. It was our first visit to the greenhouse, and we’re so glad to have found it! We had a great time, fell in love with some great new plants, and got inspired for the upcoming kitchen garden adventure! A very satisfactory trip – and one that we’ll be repeating in the near future for sure!


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