Summer Garden Plans

Weather forecasters promised that yesterday would be a beautiful Spring day with lots of sunshine. With that promise in mind, I planned a day in the outdoors. Friday night I got a few pansy plants and those were planted close to my forsythia bush.

Last year, in hopes of getting into the house about 5 months earlier than we actually did, I purchased bunches of garden seeds. I spent Friday night making paper seedling pots and Saturday set up shop to plant the seeds. There’s no place really set up for me to do such an activity (yet), so I improvised by lowering the back of hub’s truck and set the potting soil, seeds, compost, etc., up on the truck bed and set to work.

I potted some herb seeds – lemon basil, sage, thyme, and dill. And some summer squashes. And tomatoes – Black Krim, Caspian Pink, Amish Paste, Thessaloniki (a slicing tomato), and Koralik (a red cherry tomato). Whether the seeds from last year will produce anything remains to be seen.

This year, I purchased more Black Krim seeds, as well as Old Virginia and Porter tomato seeds. If all my seeds grow into plants, I’ll be swimming in tomatoes this summer! (As you can tell, Black Krim are my fav’s – love them in a sandwich and they are so dramatic in a salad with their dark purple flesh and green seeds).

We staked off the kitchen garden plot yesterday afternoon – 30×75 feet. I’ve got some asparagus roots to put in as well as mustard seeds and some lettuce seeds. Woo-hoo! The merriment has begun!


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