The Buzzin’ of the Bees

Dusty Miller and Salvia

Dusty Miller and Salvia

Got an early start to the day today (well, for a Saturday). Our bee club was holding its live hive demonstration class today at the home of one of our club members. We all arrived at his place at 9AM and got into our hive suits, fired up the smokers, and headed to the hives. This is always such a great class, as it offers hands on instruction on how to handle the bees.

This is my second year as a member of the bee club and my second time with this live class. It’s wonderful be able to learn from such knowledgeable and experienced beekeepers! I’m planning to get my hives in next year (yeah, I know, it was supposed to happen this year)…our late move into the new house pushed quite a few plans into the future.

The bees behaved nicely and let us get a good look at the frames within the hives. A lot of the forager bees were coming back to their hives loaded with pollen!! So, something out there is flowering and providing lots of good pollen for the bees.

After the hive class, came home and found that I had received four rhubarb plant crowns – Parson’s Crimson, Chipman, Crimson Cherry, and Goliath, so I went out to the garden and got those planted. I hope I did it right! A couple of them had some shoots and leaves coming up from the crown. I buried the crown and left the shoots a little exposed. They will have to come out of the ground a bit. Will see if my planting scheme works out or not.

I picked up some annuals for the front of the house – some Dusty Miller, Salvia, and some marigolds. I like the combination of the Dusty Miller and Salvia so much that I’m going back tomorrow to get some more of those plants to put all along the outside row of the annual flower bed along the sidewalk to the front of the house. So that’s tomorrow’s job – planting annuals before the rains come. We’re expecting it just about every day this week which will be of great benefit to the grass seed that was put down late last week. Will be very nice to see the green replace the mud and/or dirt that we’ve had as a front yard ever since we moved in. Progress is a wonderful thing !!!


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