Cicadas, Forsythia and Yellow Iris

Well, if you are on the East Coast, you are no doubt aware of the Cicada love fest that is currently in progress !!! Our house sits on a newly cleared lot that was fully forested, so 17 years ago, the cicadas did their thing and b-b-b-billions of cicada eggs were laid. Consequently, we are … Continue reading

Got Rocks ??

Last summer, I purchased some lavender and rosemary plants, thinking that our new house would be build MUCH SOONER than actually happened. As a result, the plants sat on the porch of our rental house until we moved into the new house in November. And that’s when I finally planted the herbs.

A Native Plant Crown Jewel

In advance of the monsoon predicted for the upcoming days, I headed out to the yard to plant some things that have been hanging around waiting for my inspired moment.

Green, Green Grass of Home

Woo-Hoo!!! We’re starting to see the grass sprouting up from the mud and clay that has been our yard ever since we moved into the house in late November.