Got Rocks ??

Last summer, I purchased some lavender and rosemary plants, thinking that our new house would be build MUCH SOONER than actually happened. As a result, the plants sat on the porch of our rental house until we moved into the new house in November. And that’s when I finally planted the herbs.

As it turns out, I may not have selected the best location for them – true, it’s full sun and that’s a good thing, but there’s also a slight slope downwards towards them, so when it rains they are deluged with water. Sadly, some have not made it through. So today, one of my projects was to plant some stachys. The plant is easy to grow and spreads out, so it should form a nice line of defense against the rains – holding it back from overrunning the herbs.

Stachys "Lambs Ear"

Stachys “Lambs Ear”

When we cleared the 2+ acres for the house and garden, we discovered that the yard was pretty much a rock pile. I’ve spent hours walking over it, tossing the larger rocks up close to the tree line. That made my rock garden idea ever so easy to do! All I did was plant the stachys, mulch around it, and pile up my collected rocks!

Rock Garden

Rock Garden

After that little exercise, I mulched around all the herbs. Now I feel much better about the rains which are predicted for the next several days… so when life hands you rocks, make a garden !!

Herb Garden

Herb Garden

I’ll let you know how my experiment works out !!!


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