Cicadas, Forsythia and Yellow Iris

Well, if you are on the East Coast, you are no doubt aware of the Cicada love fest that is currently in progress !!! Our house sits on a newly cleared lot that was fully forested, so 17 years ago, the cicadas did their thing and b-b-b-billions of cicada eggs were laid. Consequently, we are “enjoying” the sounds of the cicadas as they meet, mate and lay eggs for the next generation.

I’ve had the luck to meet and make some wonderful new friends here in Central Virginia (my husband and I are transplants from Northern Virginia). Last week, one of these friends trimmed her forsythia bushes back and had cuttings free for the taking. I gathered up a nice bunch of them and yesterday, my husband pick-axed holes in the ground for me to plant nine of the forsythia slips. We made what we hope will become a nice row of forsythia long the pathway from the road to the house.



Forsythia slip - planted

Forsythia slip – planted

After that little job, I planted a number of yellow iris that were given to me by another friend who was overgrown with them. They will make a lovely addition to the garden next summer when they bloom. Can’t waitt!


3 thoughts on “Cicadas, Forsythia and Yellow Iris

  1. yes, they are singing up a storm down here! Funny though, they like it bright and sunny – I can tell when rain is coming because they quiet down. And then they stop at night too (thankfully) !!!

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