Stacked Cookies

I haven’t made decorated sugar cookies for the Farm Market for a while now. I’ve got some baking right now for the market tomorrow. I’ve got it in my head to make stacked cookies – I’ll tier them up as two stacked cookies and as two of two sized cookies and see how it goes!! … Continue reading

Baker turned Seamstress

Today I’ll venture from the kitchen and into the sewing room. Have been tasked by my youngest daughter to make a pillow for her kindergarten class rocking chair. She requested, and I found, Dr. Seuss fabric for the chair. Traveled up to Midlothian from Farmville to the Joann Fabric Store there and hubs spotted it … Continue reading

Chai Spiced Cream Scones

Today is overcast and rain is expected this afternoon. What better day to curl up with a nice scone and a nice cuppa tea? That’s what I thought as I came up with my chai spiced cream scones for today’s lineup for the Farmville Area Farm Market. I used my VDACS approved recipe for cream … Continue reading

Roasted Veggies and Couscous Medley

My hubby’s work picnic was held a few days ago – it’s always fun, but this year we had such a nice time! This is our third year in attendance and we’ve gotten to know just about everyone, including the spouses and kids. This year, there were a number of new faces in the crowd … Continue reading

Come On Let’s Turkey Trot !!!

Back in June, I posted that we had wild turkeys running around the place. At that time, we saw two. Well, today, I saw one in the back part of our yard (a cleared area of about 2 1/4 acres). Shadows passed from overhead and I noticed vultures flying above. Apparently, the turkey observed them … Continue reading

Reviving a Summer Tradition

When I was much younger, I could always count on one family tradition as summer came to a close – my grandmother would always make a dinner of fresh corn on the cob and apple dumplings. The corn was sweet and juicy and the apples were always Summer Rambos. Not understanding (or caring) about seasonality … Continue reading