Come On Let’s Turkey Trot !!!

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey – Up Close & Personal !!!

Back in June, I posted that we had wild turkeys running around the place. At that time, we saw two. Well, today, I saw one in the back part of our yard (a cleared area of about 2 1/4 acres). Shadows passed from overhead and I noticed vultures flying above. Apparently, the turkey observed them too, because she hightailed it back into the woods.

So, minutes ago, was on the phone and saw a turkey about 50 feet from the house. Jumped up for a better view, and saw three more turkey hens strolling around – up close to the house. OMIGOSH – now all FOUR of them are right outside my window !!! This is too cool for words!

Wild Turkey Hen

Wild Turkey Hen

Turkeys outside my window

Turkeys outside my window


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