Baker turned Seamstress

Completed Pillow

Completed Pillow

Today I’ll venture from the kitchen and into the sewing room. Have been tasked by my youngest daughter to make a pillow for her kindergarten class rocking chair. She requested, and I found, Dr. Seuss fabric for the chair. Traveled up to Midlothian from Farmville to the Joann Fabric Store there and hubs spotted it on the shelf.

Dr. Seuss Fabric

Dr. Seuss Fabric

Dr. Seuss Fabric

Dr. Seuss Fabric

I liked this fabric because it has so many of the Dr. Seuss characters represented. So no matter what Dr. Seuss book she might choose to read to her class, chances are, the characters will be there on the pillow. There was some “Cat in the Hat” fabric at Joanns too and if I had been thinking, I would have purchased enough of that to make a ruffle around the pillow…. oh, well, there’s always next year’s teacher request!!

This request builds upon previous years where I have made classroom curtains. My most ambitious project involved cloud curtains with big billowy clouds at the top (stuffed with poly fiberfill), and giant trees. Underneath the trees were flowers that were cut from all kinds of fabric – plaids, gingham check, etc., to make some pretty far fetched flowers !!! But they were fun to make and she uses the curtains to this day, changing them out with the seasons.


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