Halloween Cookie Pops

Halloween Cookie Pop

Halloween Cookie Pop

Had some fun yesterday at the Farmville Area Farm Market ! We only have a couple of market days left before Halloween, so I decided to jump in early to start the fun by turning sugar cookie rounds into cookie pops!

Pumpkin Cookie Pop

Pumpkin Cookie Pop

I started by flooding royal icing onto the cookies and let it harden overnight. Then I piped my “spooky” Halloween spider webs, etc., onto half of the cookies and let that harden as well. Next, I piped the icing onto the backs of the undecorated cookies and attached the cookie sticks. I piped more icing (to the level of the sticks) and attached the top cookie. After they had hardened, I couldn’t leave them alone – I went ahead and piped some very simple designs on the “back” cookies, too. Now I had two sides to dry, so I put them in containers upright to let them dry.

Once they were dried, I cut a hole in the bottom of my cookie bag and slid the cookie in, stick first, and tied the top. Added some orange and black ribbons and we were ready to hit the farm market !! Trick or Treat, ya’ll !!

Spider Web Cookie Pop

Spider Web Cookie Pop


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