A Stunning Find

Nearly three years ago, I posted about a native crown jewel – the ladyslipper. Back then, I found a singular plant in bloom close to our new house in a part of the land that had been partially cleared. It bloomed that spring and I have not seen it since. Today, my husband and I … Continue reading

New Beginnings – Farm Market Starts Anew

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for our local farmers who are members of the Heart of Virginia Farmers Market Association (HOVFMA). After months of being in limbo, the association is having a “Grand Re-Opening” at its new permanent location in the STEPS Centre parking lot. The market will have Spring/Summer hours of 8AM to 12 … Continue reading

Taste of Farmville

Well, Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you’ve all recovered from the busy holiday season and have settled into 2014 with the best of resolutions! LOL… That’s not something that I normally indulge in – New Year’s resolutions, that is – but this year, I’ve resolved to learn how to pull a perfect shot from my … Continue reading

Halloween Cookie Pops

Had some fun yesterday at the Farmville Area Farm Market ! We only have a couple of market days left before Halloween, so I decided to jump in early to start the fun by turning sugar cookie rounds into cookie pops! I started by flooding royal icing onto the cookies and let it harden overnight. … Continue reading

Compostable Pumpkin Planter

Yesterday at the Farmville Area Farmer’s Market, I demonstrated how to make a compostable pumpkin planter. The pumpkin I chose for the demonstration was one that was rather flat on one side – not a very good candidate for a Jack O’Lantern, but perfect for my purposes. I hollowed out the pumpkin on the rounded … Continue reading

Chai Spiced Cream Scones

Today is overcast and rain is expected this afternoon. What better day to curl up with a nice scone and a nice cuppa tea? That’s what I thought as I came up with my chai spiced cream scones for today’s lineup for the Farmville Area Farm Market. I used my VDACS approved recipe for cream … Continue reading

Come On Let’s Turkey Trot !!!

Back in June, I posted that we had wild turkeys running around the place. At that time, we saw two. Well, today, I saw one in the back part of our yard (a cleared area of about 2 1/4 acres). Shadows passed from overhead and I noticed vultures flying above. Apparently, the turkey observed them … Continue reading