New Beginnings – Farm Market Starts Anew

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for our local farmers who are members of the Heart of Virginia Farmers Market Association (HOVFMA). After months of being in limbo, the association is having a “Grand Re-Opening” at its new permanent location in the STEPS Centre parking lot. The market will have Spring/Summer hours of 8AM to 12 … Continue reading

Compostable Pumpkin Planter

Yesterday at the Farmville Area Farmer’s Market, I demonstrated how to make a compostable pumpkin planter. The pumpkin I chose for the demonstration was one that was rather flat on one side – not a very good candidate for a Jack O’Lantern, but perfect for my purposes. I hollowed out the pumpkin on the rounded … Continue reading

Come On Let’s Turkey Trot !!!

Back in June, I posted that we had wild turkeys running around the place. At that time, we saw two. Well, today, I saw one in the back part of our yard (a cleared area of about 2 1/4 acres). Shadows passed from overhead and I noticed vultures flying above. Apparently, the turkey observed them … Continue reading

Reviving a Summer Tradition

When I was much younger, I could always count on one family tradition as summer came to a close – my grandmother would always make a dinner of fresh corn on the cob and apple dumplings. The corn was sweet and juicy and the apples were always Summer Rambos. Not understanding (or caring) about seasonality … Continue reading

Crabapple “trees”

Well this past weekend we made it a point to get up early because the Town of Farmville and the Heart of Virginia Master Gardeners gave away free tree seedlings. We were able to get four crabapple trees (Malus augustifolia), one apple tree (Malus pumila), and a white oak (Quercus alba). Now, when I say … Continue reading

Plant a plant, take a break….

Today I tackled the job of planting some herb plants that will probably not survive. I bought them last summer, with the thought of getting the house built on the property long before it was. So, the plants sat on the porch of the rental house all last summer, wearily waiting to be planted in … Continue reading