A Stunning Find

Nearly three years ago, I posted about a native crown jewel – the ladyslipper. Back then, I found a singular plant in bloom close to our new house in a part of the land that had been partially cleared. It bloomed that spring and I have not seen it since. Today, my husband and I … Continue reading

Compostable Pumpkin Planter

Yesterday at the Farmville Area Farmer’s Market, I demonstrated how to make a compostable pumpkin planter. The pumpkin I chose for the demonstration was one that was rather flat on one side – not a very good candidate for a Jack O’Lantern, but perfect for my purposes. I hollowed out the pumpkin on the rounded … Continue reading

Lovely Lavender for yummy scones !!

My herb garden is doing nicely, I am pleased to say! I was not sure how the lavender and rosemary that were planted last fall were going to fare. Luckily, though, they are adjusting to their placement in the garden and today I harvested my first lavender buds – and I am thrilled !! I … Continue reading

Cicadas, Forsythia and Yellow Iris

Well, if you are on the East Coast, you are no doubt aware of the Cicada love fest that is currently in progress !!! Our house sits on a newly cleared lot that was fully forested, so 17 years ago, the cicadas did their thing and b-b-b-billions of cicada eggs were laid. Consequently, we are … Continue reading

A Native Plant Crown Jewel

In advance of the monsoon predicted for the upcoming days, I headed out to the yard to plant some things that have been hanging around waiting for my inspired moment.

The Buzzin’ of the Bees

Got an early start to the day today (well, for a Saturday). Our bee club was holding its live hive demonstration class today at the home of one of our club members. We all arrived at his place at 9AM and got into our hive suits, fired up the smokers, and headed to the hives. … Continue reading

All In Good Thyme, My Pretty !!

Two weekends ago, I spent a good part of Saturday planting tiny seeds in seed pots. I’ve been watering and watching them, and pretty much growing discouraged that nothing was happening. So, I was pleasantly surprised to find tiny thyme leaves popping up from the pots to greet me! Guess I was doing something right!