Plan a Halloween Tea

Halloween tea, you say? Well,…yes, why not? Gather your friends in costume or not, and have a great time celebrating this whimsical holiday. What can you serve? Well, how about Black Tea, for starters? And then, there’s the Finger Sandwiches – add a little dried tomato or pimento to the sandwiches for a touch of … Continue reading

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Bread

A snowy day here in Central Virginia and with the cold temperatures we’ve been experiencing this week, all the snow is sticking to the ground. Brrrr… what better day to fire up the oven and make some really wonderful bread? Not your slice up and make a sandwich bread, though. This bread falls more into … Continue reading

Sipping Chocolate Chai Tea

Recently, I told you about our recent trip to Richmond, VA and our visit to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. While we were there, we visited the museum’s Best Cafe as hubs wanted a little refreshment. I wasn’t particularly hungry or thirsty (ok, I did find it necessary to get a chocolate muffin). While … Continue reading

Celebrating the Dog Days of August

Ugh… August… hot hot hot dog days of August. The last thing one thinks of is celebrating anything in the heat and humidity. Fortunately, a fellow blogger and friend has come up with some great ideas for celebrating and sipping tea this month!

Keeping Cool and Sipping Tea

I love tea! Hot tea, herbal tea, iced tea – it’s all good to me! I am particularly fond of Darjeeling teas, called the “Champagne of Teas.” But, much as I love sipping a nice cuppa hot tea, this summer heat makes me head in the iced direction for my sipping pleasures.